Polish Academy of Gastronomy

20 September 2015

Last Wednesday, on the 17th of September, we had the pleasure of hosting the participants of the Academie International de la Gastronomie.
This was the first “study trip” of the AIG in its 90-year history.
Among the guests were the presidents of the World Academies of Gastronomy, including the US, Brazil, Spain, as well as Germany, Switzerland, Greece, France and Belgium.
 The event was intended to showcase Polish culinary traditions and regional products, and our restaurants was one of the few in Poland that were part of the visit.
Among the dishes we served were smoked duck with grated horseradish and beetroot sorbet, goose fillet with pumpkin purée, mushrooms and Savoy cabbage, as well as smoked trout from Ojcowski Park  from our smoke house with horseradish mousse (all the dishes can be found on our menu).
We would like to thank the Polish Academy of Gastronomy, the organiser of the meeting. We are honoured by the distinction.

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New Year's Eve 2014

1 July 2015

On New Year's Eve, we partied in the Italian mood of La Dolce Vita.
On that exceptional night, our tables and buffets were ruled by Italian dishes and specialities. There was also Italian pizza from a wood-fired oven and fragrant espresso.
The band Street of Life and DJ Robertus took us on a musical journey through the corners of sunny Italia.
The attraction of the evening was a flair bartending show by Polish masters.
As usual, the party went on into the early morning.

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The Fifth Anniversary of the Dwór

14 July 2014

This year, we blew out five candles on our birthday cake.
It is thanks to our past Guests that we could be with you, and we thank you all for putting your trust in us and entrusting the organisation of your important events to us.
In honour of this occasion, we invited all our past and future guests for a slice of birthday cake.
For children, there were many attractions in the garden.

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