New Year's Eve 2013

1 September 2014

On this exceptional night, our Guests experienced the fashion of Paris and the magic of the Moulin Rouge.
Our chef prepared a sublime menu full of French specialities.
There was also a hot French café and roasted chestnuts from the Place Pigalle.

The definite attraction of the evening was a dance performance in the style of cabaret and burlesque.

The thrilling dance atmosphere was fueled by the band Freshback and DJ Robertus.

Happy New Year!

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New Year's Eve 2012

1 March 2013

A Polar New Year's Eve – that was the theme of the special evening.
There were buffets in the colours of the northern lights, ice-cold beverages and well-chilled alcohol.
The band Freshback, a DJ duet and a performance by an ice-and-snow dance ensemble ensured nobody would "freeze”.

On that cold night, we lit up the sky with a thousand fireworks.

Thanks for sharing the evening with us.

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Carbage Run en

17 July 2012

Chochołowy Dwór had the pleasure of hosting approx. 1500 participants of the rally from the Netherlands to Croatia.
The special nature of the rally lies in the uniqueness of the cars driven by the participants. What matters is the idea and the imagination of the car's owner. There was Batman and Kermit the Frog on the bodies, and even a flower garden on a roof.
The local residents will remember the colourful procession for a long time.
 The Carbage Run Rally was created in 2009 in the Netherlands. It is a 5-day race through Europe in which participants try to drive the entire route – approx. 3000 km – in a car that costs less than 500 EUR. The biggest challenge is keeping the car running over the whole route. Participants also compete to create the most original appearance for their car.
In this rally, the speed doesn't matter. Participants have to obey traffic laws.
What matters most is good fun, orientation along the route and the tasks on special sections along the route.
Participants can earn points that help them to win the rally.
Additionally, a prize for the most original vehicle is presented to the winner chosen by the participants themselves.

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